Woods Walking #8

Farewell to Winter         Original Post  March 18, 2010

Ah, the Spring Equinox is at hand, we remembered to “spring forward” last weekend and our evening walks along the Ault Park trails are now in the waning light of day.

I will miss the winter asterisms; Orion awakening, reclined on the eastern horizon before once again taking up the relentless pursuit of Taurus across the night sky. Soon I will not be able to nest Pollux in the nook of trunk and branch – that proximal and deep juxtaposition obscured by the fresh emergence of tender spring foliage.  I am hopeful for one more moonlit walk in the bare woods with the reflected, silvery lunar light allowing me to easily make my way.

I notice, on those moonlit nights, that the illumination from the Sea of Tranquility pales to that of the direct, revealing sun of the day.  Though, that soft light brings wonder: does humanity reflect the Eternal Wisdom of the heavens as well as the moon reflects “Old Sól,” as the moon pours diffuse light on these dark trails?

Moonlit Trail

Image: Peter Wimberg

It is a symbol of the Holy Triune Communication, from the blinding brightness of God our Creator communicated through the nourishing Light of the Holy Spirit for those who aspire to the Risen Body of Christ. Does the Living Spirit shine from our faces nearly as well?

Tonight’s evening illumination and warm temperatures affirm the approach of spring and the imminent Easter Season. The renewal of life and spirit stir from within the dormant slumber of winter and our personal Lenten rites.

First Light of Spring


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3 Responses to Woods Walking #8

  1. rudyink says:

    I enjoyed a beautiful walk on a crystal-clear evening ealier this week. It was the kind of evening when the spirit opens like the bloom of a chrysanthemum, and the impressions are as many and hued as its petals.

  2. rudyink says:

    Sufi Mystic Llewellyn Vaughn-Lee on facing the fear of darkness and finding the spark of light within ourselves. (At 26:57 in the video.) On my hikes on the park trails in the dark of night, fear is perceiving only that which is close. Joy is found embracing the night and the quiet of the woods and the expanse of stars in the heavens above. Then, being quiet and becoming a participant in the beat of nature in that moment. Then you are free, then you are blessed!

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