Woods Walking #14

Human Collaboration

Today’s technology allows us to see and know so much more.  But it also allows us to collaborate in amazing new ways via instant, massive communication.  This link is to a fascinating TED talk by artist Aaron Koblin.  His work features the collaboration of thousands of people combined in amazing online projects made possible by today’s radically connected technology.


This is a short post, specifically asking you to contemplate the potential of humanity to collaborate for “the good.”

Koblin’s work demonstrates the amazing beauty of a somewhat chaotic collaboration.  Nonetheless, they are all beautiful!

If we think about collaboration within the Spirit, among all members of the Body of Humanity, what beauty is possible there?  How pleasing it is to the Creator.

No wonder God wanted to share the joy of Being with us!  The return is truly limitless — from the sound of a trained and talented chorus to the abstract beauty of  Koblin’s relatively unstructured collaborations.

What can “be” in the truly radically connected, spiritual communion of the Body of Humanity, the Humanity of all times and all places?

The better question really is, what does happen — now?

Copyright (C) 2011  Rudolph Siegel


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9 Responses to Woods Walking #14

  1. rudyink says:

    Bread and wine from human hands, celebrating the Good News and anticipating the Eternal Communion of Humanity!


  2. imtiaz says:


    Went through all your walks really impressive
    Simultaneously sharing the interest of astro and cosmology your provided links rejuvenated my interest.
    your first letter about Thomas aquinas and description of metaphysics made me to sit back and think twice about our existence

    since I came to your site through one of your posted comments in space com , would invite you to visit the following , perhaps you will like it.



    • rudyink says:

      In WW#12, I talk about the ecumenism of the moment of creation; at the Big Bang, or the Big Bounce. From that moment, you and I are brothers even though on opposiite sides of this great good Earth and of different religions. Our ultimate roots, in Spirit and in being, are the same. As astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson says, “We are all connected; to each other biologically, to the earth chemically and to the cosmos atomically.” And the mystics of our respective faiths would say that we are also connected spiritually. These are humbling, wondrous truths!

  3. imtiaz says:

    anticipating your walk # 15, its pretty long you have not taken it


    • rudyink says:

      Thanks for your comments! Yes, WW#15… More about Substantial Lineage, perhaps. And the nature of the Risen Body of Humanity and what it means for Humanity of this great, good Earth and all of our needless wounds and divisions.

      I like your quote: “May the pure peace of Divine Beloved find abode in your heart.”

      The “Divine” is eternal, and eternally patient, awaiting our loving response to the Divine — and to one another. Peace!

  4. rudyink says:

    Thinking about the potential for radical human connectedness in spirit. The paradox is that the potential lays within all of us, but we too frequently do no develop this capacity. If we all were to pick up our spiritual musical instrument, we could join in the transcendent symphony.

    From W. Norris Clarke, S.J.: “And then the third aspect is self-transcendence, going beyond oneself, and finally taking on the great center of the universe as one’s own center, a kind of de-centering of self-centeredness. That’s the great mystery of the ultimate personal development in all the great spiritual traditions.”


  5. rudyink says:

    We are all One in Being and One in Spirit. It is up to us as individuals to find harmony within that One Spirit.


  6. rudyink says:

    Perhaps the magic of the Internet is its ability to connect so many so remotely so immediately. Listen to the words of Sufi Mystic Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee at 15:42 in this compeling interview.

  7. Ahtees says:

    Thoughtful, thank you so much! 😊

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